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Cake Atrocities vs. Cake Masterpieces

Posted on: September 18, 2010

Here we go…Shock and Awe…a full frontal in your face of some of the most hideous cakes I’ve come across (l to r)-

When Dead Heads Get Married:  Please live in the now.  It’s no longer 1968 and Jerry Garcia is dead.

Eat the Bride:  Okay, I’m not even going to go there with the blatantly obvious innuendo.  Take a gander at the look on the groom’s face.  Clearly he is crying for help.

Severed Appendages, Dripping Blood, and Ripped Out Eyeballs:  Really?  In what universe is this an appropriate way to celebrate eternal love?

Eat the Bride- Hardcore Version:  This bride is not content to have a cake replica of herself.   She one ups the Eat the Bride cake and becomes the cake.

Beached Chocolate Dolphin:  What says love, matrimony and all of that good stuff more than dead beached dolphins thrown haphazardly on a cake?

Giger Weenie Cake:  Okay, this is just self explanatory.  While the cake is pretty cool, it’s the alien weenie topper that makes this an atrocity.

1985 Called, They Want Your Cake Back:  Wow, feathers flowers, and other doodads…all that’s missing are the plastic columns and a fountain.

Cake Masterpieces
Birch Bark- Jacques Pastries
Peacock- Ron Ben-Israel
Golden Shoe- Margaret Braun
Hat Box- Christopher Garren
Purple Flowers- Ron Ben-Israel
Chinese Pagoda- Rosebud Cakes
Art Deco- CakeStar
Green Pillows- Just Fab


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