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When I saw this dress, I was literally speechless and even now, I can’t come up with the words to describe this dress or the OMG factor it has. It’s one thing to celebrate your pregnancy through your wedding dress, but I think this celebration goes a bit too far. The poor bride doesn’t even look happy. Perhaps I don’t need many words to describe this dress, when one word seems to work so well, “Wow.”



Okay, I am an eco conscious type of gal, but eco friendly doesn’t have to be ugly. Too bad nobody told this designer, who by the way has some very lovely eco friendly dresses in her store. I have no idea what went wrong with this design.

Compare with one of the designers other creations:

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These centerpieces will certainly take your guests breath away…as they are gagging at these atrocities you are forcing them to look at for four hours. Put these crimes against humanities on your tables and watch your open bar tab go sky high, because the only people appreciating these are drunk people.

I have one thing to say about these: PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!

How much do these brides hate their friends? Why in the world would you do this to the people you love or do you harbor some sort of secret loathing for them?

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