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My thanks to BrideTide for bringing cake #1 to my attention and for inspiring this post, which could very well leave you speechless as it did me. Okay, speechless and horrified and mesmerized all at the same time. The music in the video is just wildly inappropriate for a wedding video. I keep trying to tell myself to each his own, but NO. This is just one big atrocity that must not be ignored. It’s ugly, it’s SO not appropriate for a wedding that I just about have no words. Let me guess…toasted with Faygo?

FYI- turn the volume down on the video as it’s loud and uses some profanity.

Cake pic1:
Cake pic2:


There is SO much going on with this cake that I just can’t bring it in to focus and my head starts feel like the dude’s head that blew up in Scanners.


I love a good theme wedding…a GOOD…theme wedding. However, here is a theme wedding that pushes the theme to the excess and makes your guests go from ew to EWWWWWW!:

Picture source:

I wonder if the couple that ordered this cake had ever watched “Dr. Zhivago” in its entirety or if they simply saw the ice palace scene? Not exactly a feel good movie that results in a happy ending. I would assume that a couple getting married would want to evoke a sense of happiness and not remind everyone partaking of the cake that Yuri’s beloved dies and the time in the ice palace was really one of the few happy moments Yuri and Lara have together. DOWNER!


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